About Palmetto Crafts...

I upcycle long and forgotten goodies into fun and beautiful things for the home and garden.  I turn vintage silver flatware into beautiful flowers, vases, bells...I also upcycle vintage forgotten jewelry into new and exciting pieces for today.  

I come from a family of crafters.  My mom made everything from my clothes when I was growing up, to dolls - you name it.  She was always sewing something.  She taught me how to embroider when I was about 10.  I just couldn't get enough of it.  My dad is an engineer, so his crafts are of the technology kind.  He can always see my construction concerns as a challenge.  My oldest sister sews, creates and has the ability to mix and match everything in a way that is beautiful...She is very inspiring.  My middle sister has the gift of 'BAM".  She can see anything (yes, ANYTHING) and can see it for what it wants to be - not what it is now as it sits on a thrift store shelf, garage sale table...She just has that gift.  I unfortunately did not get the gift of "BAM" nor the gift of mix and match.  I am one of those 'matchy-matchy' kind of crafters.  I have to force myself NOT to match or ask my stepdaughter to pick out colors, ect.  She inspires me with her fresh, young take on things.  My husband is my marketing director.  He finds shows to go to, he has great merchandising ideas and is a great problem solver!!!  So, the goodies of Palmetto Crafts are a conglomeration of my entire family! 

Oh, but you can't forget all of the crafty bloggers out there as well.  They keep me up to date on the lastest gadgets, glues, techniques...So, thanks to you all for your support and inspiration!!

The Latest...
I am happy to report that now all of my crafties are living at Our Hands Together.  It is a new store that opened in November that gives the local artisans a place to show off all of their creativity.  You should check out their Facebook page.  I make just enough to keep my habit going and it gives me 'reason' (as if I needed one) to keep creating and keep thrifting!  
I also have moved to Lexington, SC with my hubby and step-daughter.  I work in downtown Columbia at a store that is helping to revitalize our downtown area.  The city is looking to build, refurbish, and highlight downtown businesses.  So, no matter where you live, make sure that you support your local business and support your local artisans.
BUY HANDMADE!  Support the Arts!

Wow! I did it!  I actually made my own webpage! I'm not saying that I don't have a sore neck, back and shoulders because I've been hunched over my laptop all evening, but I think it's ok...it was worth it.  I'd love any feedback (I AM a lil' sensitive, so it's okay to beat around the bush about it, k?)  But, most of all.  Enjoy this page and be sure to check out my 'fav' links.  For all of you crafties out there, I know we are all looking for new blogs to inspire us!  So, take a peek at them and share them.. I'd love to know about a few new one's as well...
In advance, thanks!
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